The reason for beginning this journal is likely the same reason you’re reading it, the want of improvement in your abilities as musicians. All knowledge is ultimately self-knowledge; for this reason the following entries should not be viewed as answers, but questions.

In order to execute effectively we will necessarily have to analyze the habits of tradespeople we admire while trying to grasp the delicate intricacies of constant pursuit. This alone is not enough. We must give structure to these pursuits in order to capture our fleeting moments of artistry. To keep them alive long enough, to try to understand their nature, to be able to call upon them as yours, this is key.

We as musicians, if we’re true musicians, are constantly seeking a new horizon. When we are truly involved in any art we’re relentlessly trying to bring the beauty we have conceptualized to our audience. If we did not see beauty within we would not try so desperately to communicate it with others.

Within the realm of music we have no simple task. Our work is to take a score and infuse each note with some defining characteristic that contributes to the whole. We must give breath, shape, color, and an impression to all that we do.

In this spirit I hope to share my pursuit of various goals leading to no end; Rather to an ever receding ideal that continually grows with us.

Now we work!

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