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New Recordings with Guitar Salon International
Three Ponce Preludes On Three Guitars

This is the 1st of 5 videos to be released

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Tomorrow's Song by Ólafur Arnald's

A  2024 New Year's Day Release of

James' arrangement and performance  of this work. 


My Funny Valentine for Guitar Solo

A refreshing and reinvigorating take on this

jazz standard full of lush harmonies now met

with the vibrant tone colors of the

guitar's unique voice

"James  Meade's  Guitar  Sings"

Concert organizer of Music for All Seasons, music critic, and blogger Rafael de Acha offers commentary on Canión in his column RafaelMusicNotes .   

Get Your Copy of Canción Today

This album will not be reprinted available for a limited time only 

Verano Porteño - Astor Piazzolla 

The first in a series of collaborations with

Cincinnati Recording Service


The  first  of  a  series of  Scriabin  Preludes.

Here's Op.11 No.12 arranged  by  James Meade  and  performed by  Hunter  Wingate

and James Meade 

James' Latest Solo Album Canción

A collection of  some his favorite Spanish & Latin-American classics, is available here  for  sample and  purchase. 

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