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A wedding is such an important occasion so I understand why planning one can sometimes be stressful. This is why I make planning your music as simple as possible.


#1 Details

I'm always enthusiastic to help clients with their musical needs. All I need from you are the details. If you're interested in having my music in your wedding, please send me the following: Date, Time, and Name/Address of the wedding location. With this info I can let you know if I'm available. If not, I can refer you to one of my very talented musician friends whom I respect and trust.      


     #2 Contract

I'm always happy to talk over the phone, trade emails, or meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. On my end it's simple; All I need is a chair and an electrical outlet the day of the event. If you decide I'm the right musician for your wedding I have a very simple and straightforward contract to reserve your date. Simply sign and send to the address listed on the form and I'll confirm reciept. 


#3 Finding the Perfect Music

Picking out your own wedding music can be challenging. Afterall, there are more than a few songs out there to choose from. This is why I offer a recommended songs list for your convenience and inspiration. It contains a large variety of songs both traditional and not so traditional. In addition to the recommended song list I offer two special requests not on the list free of charge. When a client has a request I take great care making an arrangement and molding the performance into something very nice. 



So it's that simple! The Details, Contract, Song Selection, then you're done!


If this is something of interest to you, please visit my Contact page to reach out. I very much look forward to your message. 




       James M. 









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