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Letter To Prospective Students

Hello and thank you for your interest in this beautiful instrument. 


I've been teaching for a little over a decade now and I enjoy it more now than ever. I love meeting new students because with each person comes a unique personality and learning style. I try to teach each student according to their respective proclivities while helping them to overcome their weaknesses as well. I try to create a fun environment to learn in, providing students with necessary musicianship skills paired with specifics tailored to their personal goals.

The eventual goal is to teach a student how to teach themselves. I've found if you mold a musician you're making someone whose interest in music will persevere, always taking that next step, and always finding more interesting and challenging questions.


It’s within this gradual cultivation of curiosity and knowledge where I’ve found the most joy and I see it as a responsibility to share that place of joy with my students. An instrument is an opportunity for any of us to take a step outside of ourselves, to simply observe and play with beautiful sounds. To make music is a peaceful space of mind to be in and a remarkable feeling to bring others into this space with me.

I live in Northside(45223) and have a warm and spacious studio. There is an abundance of parking available so no run around necessary. Included with lessons I also offer method books and semi-annual recitals free of charge to all my students. 


I offer an initial consultation free of charge to any prospective student. In this meeting, we can get to know one another and see how our paths align. If you wish to study, please use the contact form to introduce yourself and we'll go from there. It would be a pleasure to hear from you. 




James M. Meade



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